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Factors Driving Economic Growth

Quality property investments are among the most secure of all investments, and historical experience indicates that speculative investment in emerging economies normally offers higher returns with lower initial capital requirements than investment in developed economies. Further, investment in emerging economies gives investors the benefit of higher potential growth when compared to more established markets.

EU Candidate Countries
EU candidate countries are in general beneficial places to invest, in particular when a candidate country receives EU funding and investment before being accepted as a member. Croatia has received such funding and investment, and it is reasonable to expect to see the same degree of property appreciation in Croatia as was seen in other EU candidate states immediately before their accession. Investors in Croatia will also be protected by the EU legal framework. Joining the EU will further align Croatia’s legislation with EU standards and will ensure increased efficiency and capital growth in the same way that this has been experienced by buyers in other countries.

Growing Tourist Industry
Croatia was voted the Number 1 destination for 2005. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council travel and tourism demand in Croatia is expected to increase by 6.9% per annum over the next ten years. This can be compared to the annual average growth of 4.2% projected for the European Union as a whole.

The Croatian government has the development of the tourism industry as a major priority. Coupled with expected EU membership this indicates that in the long term tourism-related real-estate development will continue in an increasingly wealthy industry sector, backed by a stable and prospering general economy.

Housing Equity
Whereas it used to be difficult for foreign individuals to secure finance to purchase a property in Croatia, today this is much easier and finance is becoming widely available. Mortgage finance for main residence or foreign purchase is becoming readily available on increasingly flexible terms.

Foreign Direct Investments
Croatia has had the benefit of a steady flow of foreign direct investment which totalled €11,200 million between 1993 and 2005. Foreign direct investment has been shown to be the main driver of economic growth in the transition process in Central and Eastern European countries. Within Central and Eastern European countries, the main stimulus to the economy has come from foreign direct investment, which has driven the economy when domestic sources of investment have failed to do so. This is expected to continue. Expanding markets, low wage costs, a large base of skilled employees and the increasingly stable economic and political environment (particularly in the new EU candidate countries) continues to tempt foreign investors to transfer their capital to Central and Eastern Europe.

The prospect of entering the EU in 2012 will allow Croatia to continue to attract these high levels of foreign direct investment.

Planning Regulations
New planning laws protect Croatia’s coastline from over-development and result in land which is approved and immediately available for construction being in short supply. Any construction taking place is of a very high standard and reflects the increased interest of foreign property owners and an ever more discerning local market. Knowing that the picturesque coastline of the country will be protected, an increasing number of property investors are attracted to the area, and the limited supply of land where construction is permitted serves further to increase residential prices.
Croatia's road network continues to be extended and to improve. New roads and railway networks are being funded by the World Bank and reduce commuting time, and people will buy property close to areas with good transport facilities. Investors are therefore able to analyse transport improvements and identify which areas of Croatia are likely to be future hot-spots for tourism and thus for investment capital gain.





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